Fear in trading

Fear is a primary natural emotion that we have when faced with risky or threatening situations; it is a defence mechanism that our brain has to warn us of the danger. Fear cannot be lost, but it can be faced and replaced by another feeling, ideally by security and confidence (without falling into overconfidence, which … Read more

The Greed

Whenever a trader or investor sees their money growing and has made a good enough return to sell the position and take their profit, the question arises: how much is enough? It is natural to get excited about the possibility of making more profit when the trade is going well, and this is the most … Read more

Early Stage Trader

The 4 stages of the trader, detail the path that a trader goes through to achieve consistency. They are the stages that everyone goes through and apply to all profiles and time frames. 1) Unconscious incompetence In the first phase of learning, one is not aware that one does not know anything. Generally, people think … Read more

The Influences

In the world of money, knowledge of the future or predictions is one of the most sought-after objectives. It is very difficult to avoid being influenced by others, especially by analysts and financial “gurus” who make predictions that do not come true. We must learn to think independently and not be swayed by what the … Read more

Losses in trading

Studies carried out by psychologists have shown that the fear of losing money is greater than the pleasure we get from winning the same amount of money, and that people prefer not to lose than to win. In other words, the emotional intensity of losing, for example, u$s250 is greater than that of winning the … Read more