There are many trading strategies, some of which are quite simple to understand and apply. If you use them with discipline and together with the principles of money management and risk management, they can increase your chances of making money in the market. Most of the strategies are based on technical analysis.

Before we show you the strategies, we will mention some important things to keep in mind when using them:

No trading strategy is 100% reliable. We have already seen this, but we wanted to remind you of it.

Before testing a strategy with real money, it is essential that you test it many times on a demo account and write it down in your logbook.

Use the trading strategy that best suits your lifestyle and personality.

Don’t get married to one strategy, try 2 or 3. If one doesn’t work for you for a certain period of time, leave it and try another one or wait for better market conditions.

It is good if you have a list of strategies that you can apply at different times and in different market conditions. Don’t forget that the market is very changeable and a strategy can be very successful at some times and not at others.

Do not risk more than 2% of your capital. If you can’t meet it, don’t trade at all or look for another market that suits your account size. If not, save to increase your initial capital.

In this course we will include general strategies that are applicable to any financial instrument (of various maturities) and also some that are more specific.