The Influences

In the world of money, knowledge of the future or predictions is one of the most sought-after objectives. It is very difficult to avoid being influenced by others, especially by analysts and financial “gurus” who make predictions that do not come true. We must learn to think independently and not be swayed by what the majority says, or at least reduce as much as possible the influence of these people or entities on our own investments in the stock market.

No one can be certain of what will happen in the future, that is why successful traders and investors make their own decisions based on their own analysis and research. This does not mean that they do not listen to analysts who make forecasts or read something about a situation, but they do not base their moves on what is supposed to happen according to this or that person.

Sometimes what they predicted happens, and this is why it is so dangerous for people to be influenced by these “gurus”, because a few times they are right, but most of the time they are wrong, and the one who ends up losing their money and their trust is you.

In order not to be influenced you should do your analysis, even when you hear a prediction or forecast, study it on your own and draw your own conclusions. This way you can check if what you are observing corresponds to what others are saying.